Our Quad QXL 1200 cropper is designed to be used for the reduction of augured (round) piles up to 1200mm diameter. Utilising four powerful and fully synchronised rams with specially designed blades to give a superb pile cut.

The cropper will also hold the cut pile section safely for removal to a designated safe area. Best utilised on piles with ‘debonded’ reinforcement bars. The Quad XL 1200 cropper can also be used to reduce contiguous and secant piled walls with spacing as close as 150mm.

Only 2.5T – we recommend a 21T excavator or above.




Lower the cropper over the top of the pile to recommended height – on ‘debonded’ piles this could be 500mm or more. Operate Quad XL 1200 cropper, closing jaws until pile section pops free, ensure the reinforcement bars are straight for ease of removal, broken pile section can now be lifted to dumper or an identified safe area.

One size for all

1000mm – 1200mm piles 

L 1925mm x W 1925mm x H 1284mm