Predominately used with single re-bar piles.

Simplistic design leads to a very slim pile cropper which can be lowered over piles in trenches as narrow as 450mm. Perfect for traditional and trench foundations in housing and commercial projects. Manual adjustment between 200/225/250/300mm can be easily carried out on site using a 30mm hexagon spanner.

At only 450kgs the cropper can be mounted to a minimum 6T Excavator.



Once the connecting collar is removed from the head of the pile, the cropper is used to make cuts of approx 250mm at a time, continuing down the pile in this manner until the box of the cropper is full.

The operator then lifts the cropper and broken pile sections off the reinforcement bar which remains intact. Cut rebar to required level using an approved method.

Two sizes available:

200 – 250mm piles – H900mm x L900mm x W450mm Weight: 450kg
250 – 300mm piles – H900mm x L900mm x W550mm Weight: 550kg